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Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE), a clean energy choice provider, launched service in 2017. Residents of Silicon Valley were automatically enrolled in SVCE, making education of who SVCE is, and what resident’s energy choices are an important challenge.


SVCE hired MIG to rethink their website, creating a platform to educate residents of Silicon Valley on what options they have when it comes to their energy use.

How We Did It

The SVCE site was completed over a short timeline of four weeks, a deadline set to coincide with the launch of service. 

To better understand the industry, I researched comparable providers in California (Marin Clean Energy, Sonoma Clean Power, Lancaster Choice Energy, and Peninsula Clean Energy). This search was then expanded to aspirational brands within the energy field where design plays a key role in the product and message. An example being SolarCity. 

Working with a writer we approached the site highlighting SVCE's two products, GreenStart and GreenPrime, while also simplifying the navigation to answer three main questions. Who is SVCE? What are my choices? And, how much will it cost? 

The clean layout uses diagonal color blocks leading the user down the page, highlighting the content while also adding depth to the design. Playful, abstract illustrations appear throughout the site, adding a layered effect. The colors used were adapted from the SVCE style guide. Bold, approachable typefaces were chosen to welcome residents, while also retain a knowledgable look and feel.

When the English version of the site was completed, it was translated into Spanish and Chinese, two prominent demographics in the area. Having the text translated versus using a digital translation, confirmed the language used was reflective of the conversational dialects of our users. 

MIG has since continued a partnership with SVCE, developing additional collateral and a print and digital advertising campaign. 

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