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RecycleSmart Digital and Print newsletter


RecycleSmart, a waste removal organization in Contra Costa County, California, was looking for new ways to reach their three distinct user types, answering and addressing service questions while also retaining one cohesive brand.


RecycleSmart hired MIG to develop a digital and print newsletter, and rethink their website reaching these audiences in an accessible, compelling, and easy to use way.

How We Did It

Open to a new design and format, RecycleSmart wanted a look and feel that was refreshing and unlike other public service organization newsletters. Working with the client, we began with the printed newsletter, accommodating printing and production schedules.

To start, I researched not only similar pieces, but also broadened my observations to other editorial materials that engage and delight readers, specifically magazine publications. I studied magazines of all different audience types, finding commonalities in the use of color, imagery, typography, language, and storytelling.

Collaborating with a writer, we developed stories and infographics that would speak to readers. We developed an interactive panel for children, teaching them about recycling and composting, and also highlighted everyday neighbors who are improving their community in interesting ways through waste removal.

After completing the print newsletter, I transformed the design into a digital version. Although under tight time and budget constraints, I researched blogs and news sites to understand the different reading experiences of a print newsletter to one read on a screen. Two design variations were then tested in UXPin.

Since completing the first newsletter in the Summer of 2016, MIG has continued their relationship with RecycleSmart completing additional newsletters, as well as mailers and other collateral and products. 

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Work completed at MIG, Inc.

RecycleSmart Digital newsletter
RecycleSmart Digital newsletter
RecycleSmart Print newsletter
RecycleSmart Print newsletter