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RecycleSmart, a waste removal organization in Contra Costa County, California, was looking to change customer behavior, to increase standard recycling and food scrap recycling. Their dense website and text-heavy newsletters were not having the desired impact.


RecycleSmart hired MIG to rethink their website, and develop a digital and print newsletter that would reach their customers in accessible, compelling, and easy to use ways. Our team focused on the audiences—through research provided by RecycleSmart, and in-house testing, to which we provided highly visual designs making the case for recycling without preaching.

Since completing the site, MIG has continued a relationship with RecycleSmart completing newsletters, mailers, and other collateral and products.

The RecycleSmart website won a 2016 Silver Davey Award in the Social Responsibility Website category. The newsletter won awards from the California Association of Public Information Officers and the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals.  

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RecycleSmart website
RecycleSmart Website
RecycleSmart newsletter
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