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RecycleSmart, a waste removal organization in Contra Costa County, California, was looking for new ways to reach their three distinct user types, answering and addressing service questions while also retaining one cohesive brand.


RecycleSmart hired MIG to rethink their website, and develop a digital and print newsletter that would reach these audiences in accessible, compelling, and easy to use ways.

How We Did It

The RecycleSmart site was developed using an iterative process of sketches, wireframes, and mockups, each tested with approximately three to five people in UXPin. These iterations led to a better understanding of navigation placement and content, use of the site's value proposition, and overall user experience.

After analyzing research RecycleSmart provided through focus groups and interviews, an additional user pain point became apparent. Residents of Contra Costa are in fact recycling and using food-scrap waste bins regularly, but are unaware of all the materials that can go in these bins. This confirmed that easy access to bin information would be a priority. As a result, when developing wireframes, clear links to bin information was included in each audience menu.

The site's hero graphic features a looping video showcasing three sequences, both to establish a welcoming atmosphere for the user, and visually depicting each audience accurately recycling. After a writer developed concepts for the three scenarios, I was on set to art direct both the video and a still shoot.

For brand consistency, the site's visual design was influenced by the printed newsletter, which was completed prior to starting the site redesign. The design implements the same sophisticated techniques, typography, use of layers and textures, and approachable and conversational language.

Since completing the site, MIG has continued a relationship with RecycleSmart completing newsletters, mailers, and other collateral and products. 

The RecycleSmart site won a 2016 Silver Davey Award in the Social Responsibility Website category. 

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RecycleSmart desktop homepage
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