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The City of Los Angeles is starting the process of updating six elements of their General Plan (a comprehensive set of goals for development in the city). The City was looking for a way to educate and involve residents on what is being updated and how these updates would affect the community.


The City hired MIG to develop a website, creating a platform for residents to learn about OurLA2040, the planning effort to update the six elements, and how they can be involved in the process of setting goals for the City.

How We Did It

We began the site by identifying four key groupings of content necessary in telling the story of how the General Plan is being updated: the elements themselves, information on how the community can become involved, regularly updated news about the process and schedule, and an extensive FAQ section explaining what General Plans are, and how these goals affect city development.

After identifying the content, I researched other sites developed for cities and municipalities. The visual design uses bold colors and typefaces influenced by the OurLA2040 brand, and an iconographic system that could be used across the site and any subsequent materials. With a complex subject like General Plans, it was important to use a clean and minimalistic approach, highlighting the information in an accessible and easy to follow way.

Since the General Plan updates are still in progress, the OurLA2040 site is a living document for the City that MIG is continuing to collaborate on, updating and evolving the content and interface as its developed, showing a transparency to the community, while also bringing them into the process.

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