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With no accessible and easy to use resources, musicians are not able to connect with, network, or find other musicians at their same experience level to jam with or start a band.


Let’s Jam connects local musicians, fostering relationships in an uncomplicated way, using basic information and the ability to stream others’ songs.

How I Did It

Over the past decade, there’s been a 71% increase in the number of independent musicians. Additionally, there has also been a surge in interest-based apps and music streaming. Although these statistics are only tangentially related, they show a growing interest in music, as well as a need for more digital communities.

Through interviews I identified key pain points for my users, many of which surrounded around an interest in finding other musicians at their same skill level, and finding someone who “meshes” with their own playing style.

Based on this research, two personas were developed. These personas led to the development of user flows, followed by an iterative process of sketches, wireframes, and mockups, which were tested in PopApp and Marvel. Through development of a moodboard, and further testing, I incorporated a visual style that was fitting for the user, and the principles of effortless, exciting, and helpful.

Let's Jam Music App
Let's Jam Music App
Let's Jam Music App