Clipper Card

East Bay Campaign
Clipper bus advertisement


In 2016, Clipper card, the Bay Area’s transit card, expanded to four new agencies in the East Bay. With this new launch, Clipper needed a way to promote card adoption in the region.


I led the design of a bilingual campaign, reaching riders on a personal level by highlighting specific destinations and the actual connections they would make on their journey.

How We Did It

Clipper has a contract with MIG to develop marketing, outreach, and campaign materials. While at MIG, I've served as the lead designer on the Clipper card account, improving brand standards across their communications.

With the East Bay's population at approximately 2.5 million people, identifying solutions for moving residents around the Bay Area, and increasing use of public transit are important issues. After analyzing transit usage in the region (through data collected by transit agencies), our team identified two distinct audiences for this campaign: commuters traveling to BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) and, local, transit dependent riders primarily of Hispanic heritage.

Through our research, we found that these two audiences take very specific trips and are purposeful in their use of public transit. We identified six destinations that these two audiences take, and used them in the creative, depicted with large focused imagery juxtaposed with thoughtful, pared down headlines on blocks of color. By having six different pieces, we were able to show the vast possibilities of using a Clipper card, and how riders can seamlessly connect to other agencies.

Deliverables for this campaign included: advertising in BART stations, bus king, queen, and tail ads, digital ads on local news sites, print ads in local newspapers, and radio spots.

Work completed at MIG, Inc.

Clipper East Bay campaign BART advertisement
Clipper East Bay campaign creative
Clipper East Bay campaign BART advertisement
Clipper East Bay campaign digital ad sequence