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MIG was looking for a way to share with members of the community, former and current clients, employees, and other industry experts, the thinking that takes place within MIG’s offices that sets them apart as a thought leader.


Collaborating with a writer, I led the creative on MIG’s quarterly external digital newsletter redesign.

How We Did It

To better understand the newsletter's reader, I interviewed and led paper prototype sessions with planners and community outreach specialists, two of the primary audiences for MIG's newsletters. This led to a better understanding of how users interact with the information as it enters into their email through MailChimp, and then onto the newsletter site.

The look and feel applies the MIG brand, while also retaining a clean and minimal design to better highlight the photos and narratives, creating an easy to use experience.

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Work completed at MIG, Inc.

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Ahead of the Curve digital newsletter